“Conceived, born and left on a doorstep in England, No Antidote Clothing should only be worn by the brave, those with a cocksure attitude and a stiff middle finger.”

An itch you can’t scratch…

It’s taken nearly a decade of notions, trials and even royal cock-ups to dream up a way to scratch our itch.

The itch that comes from prolonged exposure to 1980s skate culture, loud motorcycles, heavy music, tattoo art and a serious overdose of 1950s Americana. The heady mix that feeds our addiction.

By far the biggest catalyst has to be skate culture, something stumbled across on a halcyon summer day in 1986, forever becoming nothing short of a sick religion. Many have said that ‘skating isn’t a hobby or a sport, it’s a way of life’ and we couldn’t agree more. It’s truly become our vice, our inspiration and our fuel, without which, everything grinds to a halt.

In 2017, we decided it was time to scratch our insatiable itch and rip the scab off our ideas…

No Antidote was born with an ethos soaked in counter culture juices, unleashed ironically enough as an antidote to society’s everyday grind. The stale BS that life throws at us, continuously shoved down our throats by the powers that be, leaving us feeling like husks of humans. It’s time it stopped. We hit the brakes and we hit them hard.

Just like skate culture, No Antidote is all about flipping things around. If you’re told you can’t, then do. If you’re told it’s not acceptable, let that be your motivation. Take care of business, keep your people close and raise your middle finger to the insignificant. Skate, ride, drive, board…whatever your persuasion it’s time to scratch that itch until it bleeds.

No matter your calling…when it comes to this kind of belief, determination and conviction…there is no cure…truly No Antidote.